My name is Oluwasegun Oke

I have been awarded a full scholarship of $19000 at Mercer University, but I need to pay the Incoming student Fee to seal my spot.

Help me Please!!!

I work part-time as a Medical Supplier, and I am also a scholarship enthusiast. For over twelve years I have been searching the internet and applying to as much scholarships as I can. I decided to apply to Mercer University and was later told to look out for Admission decision in five days. It was sent into my email, and I had tears in my eyes, as I was overwhelmed with joy. But this mood was shortlived when I saw that I have to pay the Incoming student Fee of $500, as it also applies to other successful applicants. Just for you to see the page click

For you to pay for me you have to enter "Oluwasegun Babafemi Oke" and my Birthday "08/13/1983".

Thank you in advance.

Please enter "Oluwasegun Babafemi Oke" and "08/13/1983" and click pay on this page